E.P. Sousa's
I am a professional artist and animator who has spent well over a decade teaching college students how to pursue their dreams and ideas. This site is where I share some of my own dreams and ideas with anyone who is interested. I welcome you to browse, download and share; but please let people know where you found it. And, if you are interested, start a conversation with me about any of this.
I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I teach and maintain a studio. In my career I have:

  • 15+ years of televisions and game animation
  • 2 years of graphic design and corporate identity
  • More than 14 years teaching
  • And a whole host of hand skills and other weird knowledge I picked up from jobs I took on during my 7 years in college and between freelance assignments...things like tree topping, large format photo processor reair, gilding, glazing and bronze screen fitting (best for wet climates!)

To connect with me use my email address: beth@kineticstuff.com or find me on Facebook where I'm: Beth the Animation Teach. Check in every now and then to see what I'm up to. If you are a teacher and use any of my content in your class please let me know how your students reacted. And feel free to share ideas and comments with me via Facebook or email.
  1. stop motion dog puppet in progress
    dog puppet
  2. crushed balsa glider found on the street (coincidentally, approximately 12 yards down the street I found a a piece of a bird wing)
  3. Me moistening a mound of WED clay
    WED Clay
  4. Found down the street from Grounded balsa glider toy.
  5. Description
    Title 7
  6. Description
    Title 8
  7. Description
    Title 9
  8. Description
    Title 10